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State Legislation

The NH Federation is monitoring the following bill in the 2018 legislative session:

Strong Support SB 569 – This bill would:

 1. Redefine what a commercial dog kennel is ensuring adequate care for dogs,

 2. Strengthen felony penalties for purposeful cruelty and

 3. Pass a cost of animal care law which would create a civil hearing process for a defendant charged with animal cruelty to pay a reasonable amount toward the care of the animals who are seized while the case makes its way through the courts rather than placing the financial burden on taxpayers and non-profits. 

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2017 Spay/Neuter Proclamation

The NH Federation and The Humane Society of the United States would like to thank Governor Sununu for proclaiming February, 2017 Spay/Neuter Awareness Month highlighting the importance of resources for spay/neuter in combating overpopulation, assisting low-income families and responsibly helping community (feral) cat 2017 Spay/Neuter Proclamation2017 Spay/Neuter Proclamationpopulations in NH!